• Meet Thermostat

    Your affordable cloud thermostat.

    • WiFi
    • Control everything using your phone
    • Touch Screen
    • More...

  • Features

    Meet the future of internet connected devices.


    Learns your routine


    Control from your phone


    Works when Internet is down

    Cost Control

    Know your heating bill in advance

    Smart Sensors

    High accuracy temperature, humidity and presence


    Multiple colors and stickers to fit your living room


    Bank-level encryption

    Touch Screen

    Control at your fingertips


    With most homes

  • Unrealized until now.

    Indispensable from now on.


    360 View of the device

    Round corners, stylish.

    Mounting holes on the back, touch screen on the front.



    Available in many colors

    Choose one that matches your style

    Plus, add a sticker to further customize!



    Cost Calculator

    Know exactly how much you spend on electricity and gas for heating and a/c.

    Avoid surprises when you receive your bill & plan the usage better.



    Touch Screen, WiFi, MicroSD, USB Host interface

    Plus ability to connect presence sensors and additional temperature sensors!



    Multiple Temperature & Presence Sensors

    allow you to control your temperature based on the room you live in

    not the room your thermostat is in.

  • Tech Specs

    (Subject to change)


    Compatible with all low-voltage (24V) Systems (that is the majority of US households). Supports Cooling, Heating, Multi-Stage, Fan Control and Heat Pump Reversing. Does not require common (black) wire.


    • WiFi (Not required for operation! Works offline too!)
    • MicroSD
    • USB Full-Speed Host
    • Proprietary Expansion Port


    Resistive touch screen


    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Presence/Movement (Optional)
    • External/Remote Sensors available (Optional)
  • Team

    People behind thermost.at



    George has spent countless hours working on DIY electronics projects. He likes automating everything around the house.


    Software Engineer

    Meiyun is an experienced software engineer. She is responsible for the backend and performance of our system.

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